(The teaser opens up with red dust being thrown up in the air. Voice overs can be heard, such as: "I once knew a beautiful lady like you..." the red dust suddenly changes it's shape to an anodite-like being, getting torchured by flames. More voice overs can be heard: "She was beautiful, daring, and was crawling with energy. But she refused to share it." In the red dust, it changes to a man, resembling Hex, taking away the Anodite's energy as screams are being heard in the background. It then changes to him walking over to the anodite, and choking her for more power, with more voice overs heard: "I didn't like that one bit. She had to cough it up one way or another, so i choked her. She felt pain of course, she was crying, poor thing. She was begging me to stop, and it really did bother me. My grip got tighter and tighter until i ripped through her poor throat." The Anodite's energy is seen going fully into Hex. Hex then throws her body against the wall, and starts to approach it. "I took the power from her. She couldn't hold on anymore, and she became useless to me. So i stomped on her puny little head, finishing her for good" Hex approaches the Anodite, and stomps the head. The red dust then falls to the ground, but it seems to form someone resembling Gwen when it reaches the ground. "Now, my lovely Gwen, you're next." Hex himself, in first person, stomps on the red dust. The screen covers with dust, as the Ben 10: Xobot Uprising logo is created.)

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