The teaser begins with darkness.

“I need you to deal with a task, Tennyson. It is of the upmost importance.” Says one voice.

It cuts to a new Omnitrix-looking device in the hands of Ben.

“Technology of great power, too powerful in my opinion. Alas, I was reckless…” says the same voice.

The new Omnitrix-device is put on Ben’s wrist, the symbol glowing.

“You don’t understand the true nature of the Xobots, boy.  We look to worlds beyond the Earth…” is said by a new voice.

It cuts to one of the Xobots, glitching as Ben, Gwen, and Kevin stare at it in awe.

“We represent the elemental forces of the universe, and it is our right to have the Xobots…” says the second voice.

The Deos surround Ben, who looks like Diamondhead. Ben looks around, as it cuts to Hex walking over to a small bowl of red dust. Gwen watches the television as it cuts to the United States Congress in chaos over a heated discussion.

“You’re questioning whether our world is ready for this “new age” of heroes and villains, of co-cooperation between alienkind and mankind. “ says Max Tennyson.

Max Tennyson lifts up a gun and fires as Deo goes through the wall, damaging Plumber HQ. Leo runs down the hall, and puts his hand toward the wall. The wall bursts open, revealing a damaged water pipe. The hallway fills up with water, flooding the hall as Meo throws a fireball at Gwen.

“You could say things are getting fired up” says Meo.

Explosions rock the city of Bellwood as Ben, in the form of Humungosaur, is thrown towards the camera, and Julie watches a nearby forest burn to the ground.

“Who else will watch over you? Who else will defend you?” says Max.

A S.W.A.T. team fires on Humungosaur as Zeo creates a windstorm around him in a transitional scene.

“Is a prejudice world the one you want to build? Or one where humanity truly moves past hate?”

Several action scenes including fighting between the Deos and Ben, Gwen, and Kevin occur before it cuts to Max Tennyson in the Capitol Building, facing several congressmen.

“It’s all up to you.”

It then cuts to Mount Rushmore, with Ben facing Azmuth.

“The Xobotrix? Really Azmuth, you can do better than that. How about… the Revolutiontrix. I like that. “


A quick scene of Ben slapping down on the Revolutiontrix cuts to Ben crashing through a building as Dinowreck, heading towards an unknown enemy and roaring.


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