• Oi, mate! Today's event for Fanon Con will not be on a blog, but rather right here, in our forums! So, here's how this works. Today, we are going to write an awesome story inspired by the Arrowverse. (The Flash and Arrow) The story will be written by YOU, the community, over the course of 24 hours. Here are the rules:

    • You only may add one sentence in a reply, and you can not add another sentence/reply until someone else has gone after you. So if Bry writes "Gwen casted the most powerful spell in her spellbook, as the spell started with pink skies.", he must wait until someone like Jack says "Suddenly, the clouds formed a circular shape, as a portal opened up to reveal: Diagon!" before adding another sentence.
    • If your statement/sentence conflicts with someone else's, your addition will be either crossed out or removed. So know what you're going to write, perhaps keep it on a document or something, and then refresh! Refresh a lot!
    • No profanity is allowed, including "fuck", "bitch", "shit", "bastard", "ass", etc. Keep it at a TV-PG/PG level if you can. Murder is allowed though.
    • Do not go out of story! So no OOC (Out of Character) messages! If you have any questions, ask on my message wall.
    • And just in case you're wondering, everyone can contribute. Even people who didn't sign up for Fanon Con (and there was no sign up for this part of the 'con for this exact reason).

    So, with that out of the way, let's begin this! 

    As we begin in the cold streets of Bellwood, we pan around to see a black blur seemingly transforming into Diamondhead, and slowly attacking what looks to be... Max Tennyson.

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