• We've been talking about my show for quite some time, it'd be fair to give an update toward Xobot Uprising.

    I've hit a bit of a road block with Hex, and i once had this idea that i never really got to tell you or expand on. I planned on Hex to leave a bigger impact on Gwen than just "kill her friends", no, i want her to be scarred. This is the Joker to Gwen's Batman. (Charmcaster would be Harley Quinn?), so i went ahead and expanded on this idea:

    Hex is Gwen's grandfather or father. Grandfather because of his relations with Verdona, Father to leave the bigger impact and give more reason to "the spark" she has. I'd tie this back with OS, that he refused the idea that he did have a granddaughter/daughter and didn't really attack her much (correct me if i'm wrong). And this would be more evident in UAF because Hex has really been more helpful (minus Time Heals; i'll get to it in a minute) toward Gwen, rather than offensive.

    This may seem like a stretch but they did say that Charmcaster killed Gwen. What if Charmacter killed Gwen because Hex couldn't? Yeah. 

    Don't reject the idea right away, just think of how that would impact the story and character. Think long and hard about this idea. And as Hex says in Xobot Uprising, "I don't want to attack you. I want to break you". We could actually have real drama with her real dad, although that might be a little hard because he was shitty in AF. 


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