• For a while now, i've been imagining what the opening fight scene is. I've envisioned it to be like the Empire Strikes Back's first fight scene, and now i've just been planning it. Here's how i imagined it to be, and i'd like a reply: 

    Before the fight, the opening scene of the movie is some sort of spinning disk, flying through a snowwy field. Flying past (Rook/Ester?), flying past a bridge, to which we see... Mount Rushmore! Yes, where the final movie left off (maybe?), the disk then goes to the side of one of the heads (whichever one is poetic to the film), and starts releasing wires into the head. The camera slowly pans to the left, to which we see Ship (as the spaceship) landing on another head.

    Cut to inside, Max is on the supercomputer looking for Xobots n stuff, Kevin is fixing stuff, and Ben is just there doing something (undecided). There's some mention of two Xobots the team found before the events of the film, and how it's getting harder and harder to find. Kevin mentions an associate who can track down any tech (Andrew), and Ben jokes about how every one of Kevin's associates are out for themselves. 

    Just some talk here and there, some banter. But then, Julie walks in with some chilli fries and stuff. Julie gives Ben his chilli fries, and there's some more talk about Gwen, and how she was with Julie when she left to go get the fries, and foreshadowing of Ester, etc. And after a few more minutes of talk, Max finds some sort of error in the systems, and quickly realizes that the Deos have tracked down their location since getting their last Xobot (a week ago?). Ship turns into binoculars, and Julie uses Ship to look out the base (window?), and she sees 4 monstrous tanks approaching the base. 

    Ben tells everyone to suit up. Now this could probably be some sort of tv spot titled "Suit Up". It starts out with Kevin, opening his toolbox, and absorbing taydenite. It's detailed scene of the taydenite getting onto Kevin, consuming his whole body, and his arms turning into blades. Max can be seen rushing to an armory in the background, but Ship morphs around Julie's legs, in detailed fashion, and forming the full suit. It then cuts to Max, grabbing a few bombs, placing ammo magazines in his belt, wearing a bullet proof vest?, and putting on metallic gauntlets. He then grabs the big gun from the OS S1 finale.

    Ben then slams the Revolutionatrix, and the transformation sequence is a mix of OS and UAF, it starts out with Ben's veiny arm, and it mutating, and the mutation spreading around his body, and he spins around and slowly turns into a larger skeleton. Two more arms and eyes grow out, until we see the HU Four Arms design. Cut to outside the base, the four tanks pull up. The 7 Deos get out of the tank, and turrets on top of the tanks start aiming for the base. The Deos are in front of the tanks, and witness them destroying the base wall. Many debris falls down, and Zeo/Beo stop the debris from falling on the Deos.

    The 4 heroes stand up in a line, in a big money shot pose. Then cue the long first big action sequence: Kevin vs Meo and Veo; Julie vs Beo and Zeo; Ben vs Leo and Geo. There's some mentions of Save The Last Dance (Beo/Julie) and Inspector 13 (Veo/Kevin), and some debate on Humungousaur vs Four Arms by Ben and Geo. Max however goes towards one of the tanks, charges up his big gun, and shoots one of them. They do have a force field, but the gun broke through it and blew up the tank.

    Suddenly, Deo starts attacking Max. Oh, and the team do have to dodge the tanks. None of them can break through the force fields. It's a pretty cool fight, Four Arms throws the rock debris, with some banter in the middle, and yeah. Also some comedy with Meo and Kevin. Julie then approaches Kevin, and they start fighting side-by-side. Ben tells Kevin and Julie to replicate the thing Diamondhead did in OS Episode 1, with the what goes around comes around. 

    But with Max, he's having a bit of trouble. Deo is overpowering Max, and Max has to dodge the turrets. He then gets an idea, and starts climbing up the base. Deo starts to follow, and yeah. Max starts hiding inside the base, but he contacts Ben via Revolutionatrix communicator/Max's gauntlet, and he tells Ben to get the Deos into the base. Ben tells everyone what Max said, but they seem to be overpowered by the Deos, even Ben.

    Meanwhile with Max, he starts sending a text message to someone via gauntlet, and it isn't said who. Then jump scare, Deo finds Max through the walls, and he starts running for his life. He then manages to hide again. Back with everyone else, they are fighting back, but the turrets hit Kevin. He starts to go down, and Julie is overpowered by 4 Deos. Geo is crushing Four Arms' hands, and he's durable enough to withstand the hits of the other arms.

    Suddenly, Gwen is seen in the sky with the archamada book of spells. She was the one Max sent the message to. Her hair starts to become Anodite-like, and she whips the 6 Deos there. The team start climbing into the base, and the Deos start to follow, and Veo starts to shoot electricity. Gwen uses Turbo, which makes a really big tornado, sucking the blast. Most of the Deos manage to dodge the tornado, and the tanks get sucked up into the tornado, destroying them.

    Gwen makes a shield to cover up the big hole in the base, and everyone starts retreating to the room from the Negative 10 ep, with the power source. Max explains that the Plumbers manage to get a small portion of the power source, but it's nowhere near as powerful. Max asks Gwen to find a spell to amplify it's power, so it can explode with the Deos in the base. She manages to find one, and starts making a mana shield around the power source, slowly amplifying it. Meanwhile with the Deos, they manage to find the room, and stand in a straight line in a money shot pose.

    The 7 Deos start firing whatever they have into the door, and slowly break it open. Julie meanwhile asks Gwen if they can get out of here when the energy explodes, and she says teleportation. Kevin is seen displeased, but the doors are destroyed now. Julie and Max start firing into the crowd, as Gwen teleports them out. Deo is seen confused, but notices the energy thing, and it quickly explodes. There's a giant pink explosion that destroyed the entire Mount Rushmore base, with the Deos there (alive).

    One more thing: The final battle, though its undecided, it may or may not have the same power source. Like it being amplified, so the Deos/Drake can lead the heroes into the same trap, but more deadly. THey put it in their base in the mountains, and now the power source is 10x more powerful than a nuke. But that's all undecided. Also, since Ben vs Kevin has Diamondhead, it may or may not include the what goes around comes around thing, as foreshadowing of sorts.

    Thoughts? Reply!

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    • God damnit i spent a shittillion hours writing and thinking of that

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    • Sorry I wasn't able to respond asap. 

      I'm cool with it in Mount Rushmore and all, but the tanks just make me think of the AT-AT's from Empire Strikes Back. Change that a bit. Also, where exactly did Julie get chili fries from? :p I thought the Xobot Knights were gonna be in the opening too. Make sure to show off the Deo's powers too. 

      Overall, you've done a good job.

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    • Thanks. But i don't mean actual large AT-AT sized tanks, i mean like SECT tanks. Also, Julie was out. she just got to the base and got him chili fries.

      The Xobot Knights will be in the second major fight of the movie, end of Act I.

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      • Okay so spill
      • [16:50:22]<ZeVikingSif>I'm gonna say quotes
      • "For as long as i can remember... the world has turned me into a... (pause)... a monster"
      • "Now it's time to let the monster out"
      • I really wanna give him some sort of tragic backstory
      • Spellbinder was the favorite son
      • Hex was forced to kill his own parents
      • he was forced to kill his own brother
      • lie to his own niece
      • his pregnant wife was sacrificed
      • and his niece abandons him
      • And he's like "You know what... fuck it"
      • not an actual quote from the film btw
      • [16:52:37]<Sci100>One question for everything you just said:'
      • Why?
      • [16:52:41]<ZeVikingSif>yeah
      • Why not
      • Why turn him into
      • [16:52:53]<Sci100>Why did he have to kill his parents
      • Why did he have to kill his brother
      • [16:52:57]<ZeVikingSif>some kind of goon
      • [16:52:59]<Sci100>Why did he have to lie
      • Why was his wife sacrificed?
      • [16:53:19]<ZeVikingSif>His father forced him to kill his mother, then him
      • [16:53:21]<Sci100>What is the logic, the reasoning, the emotional connection behind these event?
      • [16:53:24]<ZeVikingSif>because his dad was abusive
      • [16:53:48]<Sci100>So abusive dad = suicidal dad because reasons I suppose
      • [16:54:06]<ZeVikingSif>Well
      • Reasoning will be added later
      • the point is
      • Hex's life fucking sucks
      • And he's like
      • you know what
      • I'm not going down like this
      • he will take hope from the world...
      • Hope in the form of Team Tennyson
      • [16:54:52]<Sci100>So in other words
      • His family issues = supervillain taking away hope from the world
      • [16:55:28]<ZeVikingSif>not just family issues
      • [16:55:31]<Sci100>Because ????????
      • [16:55:55]<ZeVikingSif>The point is the world is unkind to him
      • [16:56:03]<Sci100>Okay then expand on that
      • [16:56:10]<ZeVikingSif>i will... eventually
      • eventually as in a few minutes
      • [16:56:22]<Sci100>Ok
      • [16:56:36]<ZeVikingSif>Alright so
      • Hex, being a loner at a young age
      • well
      • no scrap that
      • He was straight As like Gwen
      • [16:57:08]<Sci100>wait come again?
      • "He was straight as like Gwen"
      • [16:57:19]<ZeVikingSif>straight As
      • as in
      • always tidy
      • always good
      • [16:57:28]<Sci100>... OOh
      • Use an apostrophe then
      • But continue
      • [16:58:02]<ZeVikingSif>Wherever he lived, presumably Ledgerdomain
      • You had to have a heart like a warrior
      • You had to be strong
      • Hex was considered to weak
      • And to prove himself
      • He had to kill his own parents
      • For even concieving this "Straight As" person
      • To prove he's worthy
      • to live
      • [16:59:13]<Sci100>So you're going for a Sparta-like feel
      • [16:59:13]<ZeVikingSif>Spellbinder never liked him again, and he was still lucky
      • Hex was unlucky
      • kind of
      • Spellbinder was strong, he was a prodigy
      • Hex tried to stay away from all the fighting
      • He read books a lot, he studied
      • He was still hopeful though, like Gwen
      • he had a lot of hope then
      • As for his pregnant wife, she was a warrior but still loved Hex for who he was
      • Spellbinder lead a mission to take down Adwaita
      • and got her killed
      • Hex killed Spellbinder, and lied to Charmcaster about how he died
      • He was just too unlicky
      • He had no friends
      • Charmcaster didn't even like him
      • He lived a tragic life, and after a few years of depression
      • of post traumatic stress
      • [17:02:31]<Sci100>So losing the one person who he felt like truly understood made him crack, killing his brother
      • [17:02:38]<ZeVikingSif>yes
      • his wife loved him for who he truly was, a good man
      • and his prodigy brother who didnt forgive him got her killed
      • he took the one thing that meant the most to Hex, and he took his life
      • And all he ever had was post traumatic stress after that
      • [17:03:35]<Sci100>Alright so that angle sounds reasonable enough
      • Can you expand on the father/mother killing part?
      • [17:03:47]<ZeVikingSif>he has mental issues after this
      • Plus his PREGNANT wife
      • well
      • way back when, back when Hex was younger
      • Ledgerdomain was different
      • It was more in order, not chaotic
      • But it was still ruthless
      • Anyone with the ability to tap into the power of ledgerdomain is a warrior
      • No choices
      • Hex obviously can
      • But he didn't wanna be a warrior
      • He was too... flamboyant
      • Too tidy, too hopeful
      • And the leaders(plural) of Ledgerdomain
      • They were quite displeased
      • And in Ledgerdomain traditions back then, he had to kill his parents to prove he's worthy
      • worthy of living
      • To kill the people who gave him this
      • The world tried to turn him into a monster
      • And a monster he came
      • became*
      • [17:08:09]<Sci100>So this "killing the parents thing" only applied to those who were considered weak, but not to those who were already considered strong, like Spellbinder?
      • [17:08:43]<ZeVikingSif>Yes
      • Spellbinder is a prodigy
      • Great at magic, great in combat
      • Had a leader's mind
      • I mean
      • after all of this
      • losing your parents
      • killing your own brother
      • losing your own WIFE, the only person who ever loved and understood you
      • and a future CHILD
      • by the hands of your brother
      • And suffering from mental problems afterwards
      • Taking care of someone who doesnt love you
      • How would you react
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