Test 1: 

The scene then cuts to Ben's home. Ben is shown sitting on the couch in silence, while everything else seems quiet. Gwen then walks down the stairs, and into the living room to which she sees Ben, and starts sitting down next to him.

[Gwen]: ...What's wrong? Are you okay? 

[Ben]: I'm fine.

[Gwen]: Come on, is something the matter? I've never seen you this upset before. 

[Ben]: (sighing) I've done a lot of good before. I've put away a lot of the bad guys. 

[Gwen]: ...And? 

[Ben]: At one point in my life, this was all fun and games. I was a big attention hog, i've always wanted trouble. I had a chance at a normal life a year ago. Sometimes i'd wish i could go back to when i even put the Omnitrix on again.

[Gwen]: Ben... everyone has good and bad days. This may not be your day, you shouldn't even be saying these things. 

[Ben]: This is all easy for you to say, you're little Ms. Perfect who has her whole life ahead of her with her perfect life and her perfect family, well i don't have those things. The only thing life has ever gave me was the damn watch. (Standing up) I have nothing but this.

[Gwen, mouth open]: Ben! What is wrong with you? You have everything, friends, family, fame, and power. You have everything, and your life isn't ending anytime soon. 

[Ben]: Aha! You're even struggling to say i'm wrong. All the fame, friends, and power came from the watch. Without it, i'm nobody. 

[Gwen, sighing]: What is this conversation even about, Ben? 

[Ben]: Kevin is out there because of me. (deep breath) What if the people are right about me? That i'm just a boy with too much power. That i'm not a good guy. That all i've been doing was for myself. (Gwen looks down) I don't mean to act like this, but you wouldn't understand how this feels. 

[Gwen]: I've been with you for 6 years. I've been on your side for all this time, and i know that Ben Tennyson doesn't care how everyone thinks. You've been strong, you endured more than anyone could have in 10 lifetimes. But what's special about you is that you've came out stronger on the other end, you've never let any loss or power bring you down. You always act like an attention hog and an asshole, but that's only to cover up everything, and that's okay. We all love Kevin, but this isn't the first time this happened. (sighing) Ben, you're the strongest man i've ever met. Hex got into your head once, but i know you can fight a second time. I don't know if what i'm saying helps, but that's all i can do. (Standing up) and i really have to go. I'll see you around. (Gwen walks away, and walks out the front door; Ben is shown with a blank expression) 

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